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Early BirD: until February 15th As low as $179/ Week

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Bus Transportation- JCK Camps

Bus transportation (Additional $30 per week) South to North from the following locations- Times subject to change (PLease note Friday pick up in the after noon is one hour earlier as camp ends at 3pm).

Please arrive at your stop 5-10 minutes earlier on the first week of camp.

Morning pick up:

1 Viewmount - 8:07

Shomrei Shabbos- 8:10

Shelbourne- 8:20

Brucewood & drexel- 8:25

Brucewood & prince charles- 8:25

Laurelcrest & collinson - 8:35

Yorkdowns and Yeomans-


After noon Drop off times:

Yorkdowns/yeomans- 4:15 (Fridays 3:15pm)

Laurelcrest/collinson- 4:18 (Fridays 3:18pm)

Prince charles/brucewood- 4:22 (Fridays 3:22pm)

Brucewood/drexel- 4:25 (Fridays 3:25pm)

Shelbourne- 4:28 (Fridays 3:38pm)

Shomrei shabbos- 4:32 (Fridays 3:32pm)

1 Viewmount- 4:40 (Fridays 3:40pm)