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Our Mission @ 

Jewish Creative Kidz Camps

Our mission is to provide a warm, active, creative and spiritually enriching

 programming for Jewish boys and girls.

Does your child love breakdancing at simchas,  or shooting hoops with his friends? Does she sing out loud in front of the mirror, or enjoy acting and making others laugh? 

We can't wait to meet the child who loves to design and accessorize, or the child who enjoys the challenge of an exciting sports game. Our camps and programs are for the children who love to get on stage and perform, and the children who shine behind the scenes. 

We welcome all of your Jewish Creative Kidz, and invite them to build friendships, explore their interests, and express their talents in their own unique ways.

Hashkafa @ JCK Camps

JCK Camps offers inclusive Orthodox Jewish summer camp programs celebrating Jewish values and mitzvah observance through our daily camp activities. We recognize that every child and every family is different and we strive to create an environment of mutual respect and understanding among our

 program participants, campers and staff.

Rabbinic Authority: 

We consult with several Rabbinical authorities on all Halachic matters related to our camp. 

If you require more information please email us at [email protected]

JCK  Camps are all about fun, friendship and new experiences. 

Join us this summer as we imagine, explore and grow together!

Get Curious & Creative!

Keri Roth & Vered Ben.

Co-Founders  @ JCK Camps