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10 Years of JCK FUN!

SUMMER 2022- Registration opens soon!


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Vered Benchetrit AM Program Leader- Fall (Subs: Keren Barack, Michal Tzaidi)

Spring/ Summer- Josh Zarrinna

Vered and Eden are excited for a fun filled morning session! Filled with active games, themed colouring, Parsha party on Fridays and more!

Joshua Zarrinna

Hi, my name is Josh and I recently graduated from York University with a degree in Psychology. I am currently a tutor, studying for the LSAT and want to to become a lawyer. I love working with kids, and I am very excited to have an amazing semester!

Carly Zatzman- PM Program Leader

Hi!My name is Carly Zatzman and I'm a Special Education Resource Teacher working for York Region District School Board. I feel so lucky that I work in a field that allows me to keep working at camp over school breaks and after school programs. I have been at camps for 22 years and counting! I've previously worked at sleepover camps, private day camps, public day camps, and international camps in a variety of roles throughout my years. I'm so excited for another session of  JCK! I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone and having a fantastic time!