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Where is camp located this year?

Summer camp is located in the Netivot HaTorah North Campus - 18 Atkinson Avenue. 

Extension Camp Location (August 23rd-September 3rd): Funtastic Forest TBA

What is your policy on nuts?

JCK Camps is a nut-free camp. We aim to accommodate  all campers with food allergies and sensitivities. All food provided by the camp is nut- free and Kosher.  We ask that parents do not send snacks to camp that may contain nuts.   If your child has specific allergies please fill out our online forms as well as contact the camp.

Where do campers swim?

Campers generally swim at  Garnet Williams with private hours for JCK campers. All lifeguards are NLS certified.

Depending on policy for summer camps 2022, our campers will swim either at Garnett or have water play on site with new fun water toys (slip n' slide and more!)

What are your payment plans?

Non Refundable Registration fee of $150. This is included in your camp tuition (not in addition to it)

E-transfer dates:

$150 upon registration

March 1st- 50%, May 1st- 50%

Full payment required on or after June 1st

All payments are via E-transfer to [email protected]

Do you offer bus transportation? 

Yes! We are now offering but transportation weekly!

Shomrei Shabbos

Shaarei Shomayim

Clanton Park Shul


What are camp hours

Camp Hours this summer are 9AM-4PM and 9:00AM-3PM on Fridays

*Trip Camp and Extended Fun Camp is 9:30AM-3:30PM and 3PM on Fridays

Before Care-8:15AM- 9:00AM

 $50/Week per child

After Care- 4PM-4:45PM

 $50/Week per child

*No Aftercare on Fridays

Do you have a lunch program?

We offer optional Pizza lunch on Tuesdays and Fridays.  The cost is $3.75 per slice

What is your dress code at camp?

Campers going into JK,SK and upto  Grade 4 may wear shorts and T-shirts.

Campers entering Grade 5-6 -knee length skirt + T-shirts or  3/4 sleeves. 

Open toe shoes are welcome but for fitness activities and trip days, proper shoes are preferred for your child's safety.

Boys Grades 3+dresscode: Hat or Kippah

Are you off Civic Holidays?

There is no camp on 

CIVIC Holidays

Fast days are half days

What are some of the camp activities happening weekly?

Weekly Specialties including: Sports, Silly Science, Arts & Crafts, Fine Art, Baking, Dance/Zumba, Parsha Party, Theme Activities, Camp wide Contests, Challah Baking, Shabbos Party (Preschool)

Davening & Camp Wide LED Dance Parties

Daily Water Play, session trips  and so much more!

What are guest workshops or special Programs at Camp?

 Depending on your child's division,  guest workshops include:

Chamelea Science Centre, Scott Magic Show, Drumming/ Music Workshop, Tennis, Bubble show, Icecream truck, Silly Science show, Animal show, 'Snakes and Slushies Room' (Games Room with a special iced treat!), Kindness  and Colour Carnival,  Music,  Jewelry Making,  Tanya Zbili Art, Studio 2 Go, Film Camp in a Box

Session trips 

***All activities depend on the weeks your child attends as well as any Covid restrictions and cancellations by companies providing workshops. 

Can my child specialize in a specialty program?

Yes! Your child can specialize in one of our specialty camp programs! We offer a variety of specialty camps for children in Grades 1-6 such as 

Art Camp, Musical Theatre Camp, and Fashion Camp! 

What is your refund policy?

There are no refunds in summer 2022 except due to your child testing positive and requiring them to isolate for x # of days. Proof of positive test is required.

Medical Emergencies are also refundable with a hospital note